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    Company profile and social responsibility

    Indeed Cool Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the creator of wearable air conditioners and holds a global patent for wearable air conditioners. A total of 382 patent authorizations have been obtained, including 247 utility model patents and 44 invention patents. The company team will continue to improve the micro-environment of human work and life through technological progress, and make our lives more comfortable.

    Carrier invented the central air conditioner in 1906, Carrier invented the first home air conditioner in 1928, and General Motors invented the car air conditioner in 1954. Air-conditioning chain, human travel and work and life are in the micro-environment created by air-conditioning, but only the most important link of personal air-conditioning is missing, this key link is finally the effort of Real Cool Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Breakthrough.

    Company information
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